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CUSEC 2023 Group Photo

Fueling a journey of knowledge, inspiration, & opportunity for students across Canada

About Us

CUSEC is an annual software engineering conference organized by students for students across Canada. A small team of tech enthusiasts founded CUSEC in 2002 on a mission to educate, inspire, and expose students to a diverse range of areas in software engineering and computer science.

These set of values have been integrated into CUSEC for the last 22 years while enabling attendees to discover knowledgeable speakers, connect with sponsoring companies, and make lifelong friends in a safe and comfortable space.

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Meet Our 2024 Team

Image of Jordon Hong
Image of UManitoba
Jordon HongUManitoba
He/HimComputer Science
Co-ChairFun Fact
I have Duolingo streak of 700.
Image of Denys Popov
Image of UManitoba
Denys PopovUManitoba
He/HimSoftware Engineering
Co-ChairFun Fact
I have ~1700 hours in my favourite multiplayer competitive action game.
Image of Kha Pham
Image of UManitoba
Kha PhamUManitoba
He/HimComputer Science
Director of LogisticsFun Fact
I've composed Flute Choir music & received an award for it.
Image of Abdul-Hakim Skaik
Image of ConcordiaU
Abdul-Hakim SkaikConcordiaU
He/HimSoftware Engineering
Director of LogisticsFun Fact
I can dunk a 10ft basketball net.
Image of Jaelyn Wick
Image of UManitoba
Jaelyn WickUManitoba
She/HerComputer Science & Econ.
Director of SponsorshipFun Fact
I absolutely love reading and I don't know what I'd do without ao3 (iykyk).
Image of Mumtahin Farabi
Image of CarletonU
Mumtahin FarabiCarletonU
He/HimSoftware Engineering
Director of TechnologyFun Fact

Software Developer
I enjoy heated philosophical debates.
Image of Bavneet Sandhu
Image of LaurierU
Bavneet SandhuLaurierU
She/HerUser Experience Design
Technology TeamFun Fact

UI/UX Designer
I've re-watched the 'The Hunger Games' series almost 15 times.
Image of Angeleeca Jocson
Image of UOttawa
Angeleeca JocsonUOttawa
She/HerComputer Science & Math
Director of SpeakersFun Fact
I’m a seamstress; every other commission I’ve done is started last minute but finished on time.
Image of Smriti Hari
Image of UAlberta
Smriti HariUAlberta
She/HerComputing Science
Speakers TeamFun Fact
I can speak 5 languages.
Image of Timothy J. Klint
Image of J. Abbott C.
Timothy J. KlintJ. Abbott C.
He/HimComputer Science Tech.
Director of EventsFun Fact

& Head Delegate
I have been to ~26 concerts so far this year.
Image of Anjali Patel
Image of CarletonU
Anjali PatelCarletonU
She/HerComputer Science
Director of PromotionsFun Fact
I have been involved with 15+ clubs and organizations.
Image of Ethan Tang
Image of UOttawa
Ethan TangUOttawa
He/HimSoftware Engineering
Promotions TeamFun Fact

Graphic Designer

I own Stackoverflow socks.
Image of Arfah Huda
Image of UWindsor
Arfah HudaUWindsor
She/HerComputer Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
windsor@cusec.netI own a small business called CardsByArfah.
Image of Hoang Minh Phan
Image of UManitoba
Hoang Minh PhanUManitoba
He/HimComputer Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
manitoba@cusec.netI can play more than 10 different sports.
Image of Maheen Raza
Image of UCalgary
Maheen RazaUCalgary
She/HerSoftware Engineering
Head DelegateFun Fact
calgary@cusec.netI can read over 150 books in a single year.
Image of Ayesha Izzati
Image of UBC
Ayesha IzzatiUBC
She/HerApplied Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
ubc@cusec.netI like to pretend I'm playing pump it up on YouTube.
Image of Aran Saseelan
Image of McMaster
Aran SaseelanMcMaster
He/HimSoftware Engineering
Head DelegateFun Fact
mcmaster@cusec.netI am an avid shoe collector.
Image of Shashwat Murawala
Image of UWaterloo
Shashwat MurawalaUWaterloo
He/HimComputer Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
waterloo@cusec.netI have been to more than 20 countries.
Image of Sirine Tarhouni
Image of McGill
Sirine TarhouniMcGill
She/HerComputer Engineering
Head DelegateFun Fact
mcgill@cusec.netI've been to 7 different schools in total since elementary school.
Image of Hanine Tydrini
Image of ConcordiaU
Hanine TydriniConcordiaU
She/HerSoftware Engineering
Head DelegateFun Fact
concordia@cusec.netI jumped out of a flying plane twice.
Image of Tara Denaud Joseph
Image of UOttawa
Tara Denaud JosephUOttawa
She/HerComputer Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
ottawa@cusec.netGrowing up I did cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics!
Image of Julie Wechsler
Image of CarletonU
Julie WechslerCarletonU
She/HerComputer Science
Head DelegateFun Fact
carleton@cusec.netMy favourite animals are cats.